Heart of the Moment


Heart of the Moment



I become mindful of my present self

Here in the present moment

Of all that is.

I am not all of one being—

Not soft and sure of all I do,

Not wrapped in the knowing grace of soul visions.

Instead, I am slivered and unsure,

Stepping carefully upon the open heart

Of earth mother, into the open mouth

Of moaning wind.

Waiting, watching, breathing

It all into the cauldron within me,

Into the stew of felt impressions,

Mistaken words, mis-thought images,

Resented truths.

I swirl the spoon with each step,

Each breath.

Remind myself:

Heart of the moment,

Be in the heart of the moment.

Savor it now, not when.

Let the swirl of emotions come to rest

In the heart of the moment,

Savor the sweet and bitter blend

Of life as it curls within me,

Enough for the moment.

Come to be still.

Come to be.

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2 Responses to Heart of the Moment

  1. Farmgirl says:

    Very beautiful piece!

    • Thank you. I had meant to write a poem per day for National poetry writing month but it seems that my daily commitments have overwhelmed the voice of the muse until now. This poem just came to me as I was practicing mindfullness. Clear the mind and the muse speaks clearly.

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