My New Year’s (and onward) Resolution

I am setting out on a year-long practice of blogging, week by week, on a variety of topics that interest me.  I’m not sure what the range of topics will be, but generally they are, for various reasons, either elusive for me to incorporate into my life or a complex subject that I want to clarify.  Each week, I will focus on a topic I am seeking more clarity/guidance on.  I will work with a variety of methods each day of that week—meditation, walking, journeying, stream of conscious writing, structured writing, drawing, talking to other people or animals or plants, dreaming, whatever—and gather the message threads together into a pattern that I will summarize for the weekly blog post.

I find myself too scattered lately, and therefor ineffectual in much of what I want to do.  My thoughts are seeds scattered on the wind, with many of them landing on bare concrete.  I want to gather my insights/intuition/thoughts/wisdom together into a smoother, stronger spiral about the wheel of life as I travel along the path.

I do not plan for an end point at the end of the year since this is really a lifetime’s task for me and I don’t intend to refine my practice down to simple steps that can be followed in order.  I am too varied in my nature for that.  I am just looking for a more harmonious pattern of growth.

I also have no illusion that I will discern the deepest workings of the universe this way (at least not much).  I’m just trying to sweep up the scattered pieces of my thought processes and get a better ability to sustain my focus.  Maybe I will learn a bit about the universe, and myself, in the process.  And maybe other people will read these posts and find them illuminating, helpful and/or entertaining.

tree of life sunset

The topi

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r week one of 2013 will be honesty.  It seems to me that if I will be looking closely at

my inner process, then sharing about that with the world (or whatever small portion of it reads this blog), then I need to start from a place of honest reflection.  But what does that really mean in this context?

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