In the flow

I haven’t posted much on this blog but that isn’t because I haven’t had creative ideas.  More like a tangled yarn ball of creative ideas; the task has been to sort them into usable form.  After the fourth or fifth person asked me if I was going to set up a practice again, I finally got the hint.  The big question was: what sort of practice?  My interests and skills seemed to be scattered across a range of services.  The challenge would be to bring them together into some coherent order that I could present to the world (since marketing makes the difference between an idea and a living).

I knew I wanted to write, and to write things that are helpful for people.  I knew I wanted to do some reflexology, but not just “working the points” on whatever set of feet come along.  I also knew I wanted to do counseling again, but not just sitting/listening/talking for an hour at a time.  So how to organize it all?

I decided to take a walk.  I went to the South Platte Park in Littleton, a place I have driven by often enough, each time thinking I would stop and walk, but never did.  It was a beautiful late summer day and I often find that walking helps the creative process.  I was puzzling over what words to use and how to craft a workable marketing plan when I crossed a trickle of water down a wall of concrete and rock.  I was distracted by the empty shells and claws scattered about—the remains of a surprising number of crawdads.

Looking closer, I spotted two living crawdads, each methodically working its way up the wall, pushing against the water falling around them. Image

Hard work, and for no clear purpose, except, perhaps to clear the top and land in the still pool of water on the other side.

I think my path in life is not so hard.  Just keep my feet moving forward and focus on staying in the flow.

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