Stepping Onto the Path

I am stepping out of my familiar shell and feeling a bit uncertain of myself.  Two more weeks and I will complete the steps for casting myself off from work, without sure directions for where I am heading.  I don’t know who might be interested in my journey, but I plan to leave a few markers along the way that may be interesting to other wanderers.

I have often viewed my life as a spiral path: it never seems to be a straight line or a tight circle.  I find myself looping back toward familiar landmarks, sometimes close enough to touch their remembered surfaces, but always far enough that I know I have traveled somewhere, learned something.  The spirals aren’t just upwards or downwards: they lead wherever the mystical wind chooses to blow.  Sometime I follow reluctantly, other times I dance, but always I walk best when my feet can feel the texture of the ground underneath me.  Even when it hurts.

Once I dust myself off from my last day of regular employment, and when I get my thoughts somewhat together and my emotions a little more in tune, look here for such topics as: “My Perimenopausal Journey Through Human Services,” and “Why Don’t I Know What I Want to Do With My Life Now That People Say I’m Grown Up?”  Please leave comments–they are like markers on the path, showing that others have been this way, too.

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2 Responses to Stepping Onto the Path

  1. Debbie Jones says:

    Wonderful – can’ wait for more!

  2. MSL says:

    You can do this!

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